3 Min Read Announces New Writing Contest

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Have you recently visited Medium’s official publishing blog 3 Min Read ?

If yes, then I assume you have already delved yourself into writing spree!

The writing contest titled “The Medium Writers Challenge: Calling All Storytellers” is really for worth considering for writers for THREE reasons!

First, there is no payment necessary to participate the contest!

What writers need to do sincerely, is to their respective Medium accounts and publish the essay!

Second, the amounts of monetary reward are sincerely nothing to sneeze at! To be honest, the awards are heart thumping and eye popping!

Third, when it…

My Graduate Life and Quest for Knowledge

An International Graduate Student’s Perceptions

In-flight study life (Singapore Airlines). Photo Credit: Author

I belong to a Bengali middle-class family where my erudite, bookish and ‘very sincere’ parents always endeavor to make me comprehend that without a ‘sincere’ academic life, I cannot achieve the desired aims in my life.

My efforts, in tandem with their die-hard sincerity, paved me to enroll in the best academic institutions of Bangladesh.

Medium Readers can share ideas and stories with ‘Lists’

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This week, the Medium brings additional renovation to the ‘Reading List’ feature.

In the preceding months, this open platform brought several updates for Medium writers.

This time, the Medium has focused on its readers to introduce frictionless and clutterless reading vibe.

For readers of the Medium, this update would improve the navigational accessibility of reading list stories.

It is also available in the mobile app of the Medium.

Travel Story

The Singapore Strait is approximately seventy one miles long in length and located among Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

This Strait connects the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea.

Photo Copyright Rubaiyat Rahman

The Singapore Strait divides the island of Singapore from the Indonesian archipelago.

Writer Program and Partner Program will be Updated

In a post of Medium Creators, the Medium shares its plan of bringing changes in the Partner Program. The changes will be rolled out in August month this year.

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In the same post of Medium Creators, it has been clarified that the Medium is going to award the last cash bonus for top percentile writers of the Partner Program by the first week of August!

It is also pertinent to share here that while distributing bonus awards, the Medium has been frequently emphasizing on three matters:

  1. Full enrollment in the Medium’s Partner Program.
  2. Approval of Tax Related Documents.
  3. Publication of…

US Pulling Combat Mission Deployment

The White House has made an announcement regarding staying of the US Troops in Iraq.

Photo by Kristina Volgenau on Unsplash

It makes clear that the United States will withdraw all of its remaining troops in Iraq by 2021.

The decision is a significant outcome of the ongoing US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue, the foreign ministers of Iraq and the United States are helping meeting.

Why the Billionaires are not Astronauts?

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In the eyes of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), both Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson are not Astronauts!

The reason is very simple: flying higher in the blue sky won’t make anyone astronaut!

To illustrate the matter of defining astronaut much clear, recently the FAA has changed and amended the definition of astronaut.

This is the first amendment of the term astronaut in 17 years (since 2004) drafted by the largest transportation agency of the United States. Here, the FAA stipulates the amendment regarding the commercial launch crew-members.

6-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge

Photo Credit: Rubaiyat Rahman

Here Comes the Sun Removing Darkness

March in Jodhpur (India) means spring season with humid splash.

The day-time temperature is usually between 80 to 90 degree Fahrenheit.

However, the morning weather in Jodhpur is very nice and allures you to immerse into sizzling desert landscape of this city of temples and forts.

In such sunny morning, I have been walking on the winding streets of Jodhpur.

Well, it’s not simply any aimless wandering on the streets of Jodhpur!

My destination is a famous palace named Umaid Bhawan Palace.

At one moment, I have arrived in front of a lake where motley species of birds are flocking…

This day’s facts in World Politics

Japanese Invasion of Korea

Japanese troops took over Korea’s Gyeongbok Palace (1894)

The incident occurred during the first Japanese invasion of Korea in 1894. The invasion is also known as Imijin War.

Photo Source: Worldhistory.org

The palace was built in the 14th century and during the first Japanese invasion of Korea it was heavily damaged and most of the infrastructures of the Palace were torn down.

Military Coup in Egypt

Colonel Gamal Abdal Nasser seized power in Egypt (1952)

The coup incident ousted the erstwhile King of Egypt, King Farouk. Before the coup incident, King Farouk had started to loose the grip of governance over Egypt.

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A South Asian Academic, Book Reviewer, Maritime & International Affairs Analyst. Rubaiyat loves to wade across the universe of Reading and Writing.

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