In the time of COVID-19 Pandemic !

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If anyone would ever ask me to express my opinion as to reading and writing in a single line, I would definitely quote creative writer Jazz Feylynn’s above mentioned line. But be aware, the present tumultuous pandemic time span won’t make our reading and writing a smooth sailing!

In the present post, the issue that I am going to discuss about, I think almost all Medium writers confront it on regular basis.

One fine day, you suddenly notice that the number of your followers is soaring by leaps and bounds!

One day, you get dozens of followers; in another day, the number is getting towards upward trend at geometric rate.

If you are used to write and contribute Medium post regularly, in parallel with it, the rate of such mysterious (or ghost, whatever!) followers’ number would continue to spiral upward on regular basis.

Who doesn’t love to have…

Quote and Excerpt

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Literary Analysis

During his journalist career for the newspaper Appeal to Reason, Upton Sinclair went undercover as worker in meat processing industries of Chicago.

Vaccination Jabs Started to Provide Good Outcomes

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on May 13 in an updated guideline eases the face mask requirement in most of the settings of the society. The relaxed restrictions will be applied to people who have completed the vaccine jabs.

Quote and Excerpt

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Few Word about ‘Bell Jar’

‘The Bell Jar’ is the only novel of Sylvia Plath that she wrote back in the 1960's. The novel is a fictionalized memoir where Sylvia Plath tries to reiterate many of her actual life experiences and feelings.

Obstacle Still Exists

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On the first week of May, the United States expressed its interest to support the Word Trade Organizations’s policy of waiving patent protection of Covid-19 Vaccine. The event is deemed as a significant shift in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak all around the world.

Once Greeted as Best Controlled, now Topped as Per Capita Daily Death Rate

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While India has been regularly reporting about its record number of COVID cases and deaths, Uruguay’s surge in corona virus related daily death rate has dragged this small Latin American country as the world’s top daily death rate (in percentage) of COVID. In preceding two weeks (till May 8), Uruguay recorded a total case of approximately 36,474.

Rubaiyat Rahman

A South Asian Academic, Book Reviewer, Maritime & International Affairs Analyst. Rubaiyat loves to wade across the universe of Reading and Writing.

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